Patricia J. Wynne

Patricia J. Wynne is an artist, printmaker, and freelance scientific illustrator based in New York City. She  works as a contract artist for scientists at research organizations around the world. Wynne has illustrated over 200 books for both adults and children, and her work has appeared in numerous publications, including New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Cricket, and Scientific American. Her books have received awards from Parenting magazine, the John Burroughs Association, and the National Science Teachers Association. She received a Theodore Seuss Geisel Honor for her book Hello, Bumblebee Bat, authored by Darrin Lunde. She studied printmaking at the University of Iowa and works at Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop in midtown New York City.
Holding a higher standard
Subcriptions and Pricing
Sketchbook of a Secret Museum is an ongoing project over a decade in the planning and two years into the process of producing prints. It is supported by print sales, grants, subscriptions, and the enthusiasm of the artist's scientific and artistic colleagues. Patricia Wynne currently is an artist researcher at both the American Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. She has drawn at the Museum of Natural History (London), the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (Paris), Denver Science Museum, Field Museum of Natural History (Chicago), Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto), and more.

The outcome of this effort will be a linen, clamshell folio box of 50 etchings. Each will be signed and numbered by the artist. Hand-printed text with illuminated letters will accompany each original etching.

Individual Prints
Currently available are individual unframed etchings at $500 each. Individual framed and matted etchings are $600 each.

The Warren Scrimshaw

framed etching printed on white paper

framed etching printed on buff paper

Subscriptions to Sketchbook of a Secret Museum in the tradition of John Jay Audubon offer the subscriber every individual etching, numbered and signed as soon as the artist prints it (that is, each print has an edition number and is signed by the artist). Catalogs and a possible trade book will be sent to the subscriber as they are published. At the completion of the 50 etchings, the subscriber receives a complete hand-printed edition of Sketchbook of a Secret Museum boxed folio. Subscriptions are $5000 and all currently printed etchings will be sent to the subscriber immediately.

Contact the artist for inquires and purchases.